How to Wear High Tops Sneakers

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Chuck Taylor designed the first white High Tops Sneakers In the 1930s for the 1936 Olympics, this original had a patriotic red and blue trim, was the All-Star Classic hat continued to be popular till the 60s. Since then, they have only become the most versatile and casual footwear one can carry. We even saw them in classic movies of the 60s and sported by baseball players. The iconic design remained a stylizing option with both modern and retro outfits. And over time, the fashionista adapted an assortment of ways to wear High Tops Sneakers with all styles of clothes. Regardless of the occasion, you can now get your feet fit into your favorite pair of sneakers, Yoko Ono wore them for her wedding to John Lennon. With this guide to wear Low Tops Sneakers, we are here to help you with those tricks and to enhance your overall style.

High Tops Sneakers with Jeans

High tops with jeans are a timeless combination. A smart, casual option when you don’t want to put too much effort into looking cool. You can wear this combo every day, but they really become a must for a weekends out. Pick your favorite black or white High Tops Sneakers, pair them with denim, and top it with a plain or personalized white or black T-shirt.

If the plain t-shirt is not your thing, go for button down, a denim shirt works too. Contrast your jeans with bold color shirts like dark browns or greens, these go well with beige sneakers to complement the look.

High Tops Sneakers with Chinos

The highly versatile chinos can be worn on all kinds of occasions, whether formal or informal. Simplicity makes chinos an easy choice in pants, but it often does gets challenging to pair footwear with them.

If you are going to some casual daytime event, wear men's fashion sneakers with chinos. Just make sure to choose between black or white kicks to keep the look coordinated. A T-shirt with a jacket would team up perfectly with your high tops and chinos. You can exchange the T-shirt and jacket with a shirt and coat if the look is for a night out.

High Tops Sneakers with Shorts

High tops with shorts are sometimes the coolest and fun look for guys, at other times, it gives a preppy feel. What needs to be done here is to execute the style the right way.

To make this not very common look work, choose an opposite colors as your combination: if the shoes are dark, choose light color baggy shorts and a dark T-shirt. Swap the T-shirt with a full sleeves shirt if you want to slightly less casual look.

High Tops Sneakers with Formal Dress

It is a widespread myth that comfortable sneakers can only couple with casual wear. To counter this, companies started producing ranges of sneakers that go equally with jeans and a three-piece suit. They used to say formal wear needs formal shoes; not anymore, now you can rock formal attire with a pair of high tops easily. Thanks to the many celebrities who made this possible over the years.


Depending on your tuxedo or coat color, you can carry any neutral color or dark brown High Tops Sneakers. You don’t have to opt for long trousers if you feel the cuff gets trapped in the mouth of the sneaker; opt for a cropped one. If you are dressing up for a semi-formal event, be a little more daring with your kicks. Pair patterned High Tops Sneakers with dark jeans and a blazer.

Rock your everyday life with these styles, and do share your experiences with us. For finding good quality trendy High Tops Sneakers, visit best online sneakers shop, we have the variety to fulfil your dreams.

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