36's Low

The Everyday Sneaker.


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Introducing the 36's Laceless Low Tops – the ultimate sneaker for every day. Handcrafted and released in select editions, these sneakers are a nod to individuality and style.

DROP 000


The 36's Low Top Sneakers elegantly fuse contemporary casual with high fashion. Each pair is luxuriously wrapped in premium leather sourced from Brazil's finest. This design maintains our commitment to luxury and unmatched style, ensuring a sophisticated and distinctive look for the discerning wearer.

Brazilian Mastery

Crafted in Brazil's esteemed leather industry, the 36's Low Top Sneakers blend luxury with durability. Each pair, a testament to fine Brazilian craftsmanship, offers unparalleled quality and timeless style. These sneakers are more than just footwear; they are a statement of enduring sophistication.

Built Better

Rethought from scratch for the modern lifestyle.

No Ties

Snug, laceless fit for hassle-free comfort.

Air Light

Ultra-light sole, making each step a breeze.


The Easiest Shoe to Slip On.

- Mike U - Boston, MA

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