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All you need to know about Waterproof Sneakers before Buying

Are you a water lover? Do you cherish the rain or going down to the river for some relaxing fishing? If yes, then you know the value of a tight grip on the wet ground. Waterproof sneakers can handle the wet: they let the moisture or damp evaporate off them immediately. Despite being a water fanatic, it may feel a little icky to plod around with wet feet. Also, let’s not even get into the weird smell generated with dank toes in damp socks inside soggy shoes.

If dry feet aren’t reason enough to buy waterproof sneakers, style should be. Being shoe lovers ourselves, we know your mind would want to learn more about features and practicalities before even thinking of investing in an exclusive, high end pair of sneakers, so here’s our take on the subject.

The Perks of Waterproof Sneakers

Happy feet dance, they also cover more distance. Makes sense? Well, if your feet are comfortable enough, your adventures don’t have to stop. But if your feet grow tired in badly fitted, cold, damp footwear, believe me, you’ll be calling it a day very, very soon. When you browse the market for these expedition-inviting fashion footwear, keep the following points in mind and make decisions accordingly.

The Comfort

The worst scenario imaginable is when you get a sore foot in the middle of hiking, during river rafting or any such activity. One main reason would be an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Waterproof sneakers don’t let you down while experiencing an adventure. These shoes are lightweight, with rubber cushioning at the bottom, heels, and the collar. Practically, nothing seems like a problem once you partner up with waterproof sneakers, extreme pressure, uneven land, or excess water; these shoes get you through any condition.

The Material

There are specific materials that can responsibly keep your feet safe from the wet. The manufacturers of waterproof sneakers use mainly leather or gore-tex for the upper surface and rubber or PVC for the sole and cushioning. Gore-tex is one of the most reliable materials around, that effectively blocks water drops and allows circulation simultaneously.

Many companies also use environmentally-friendly mesh material. This mesh is gradually getting a lot of attention from fashion sneakers makers who work with sustainable products. Prices of footwear vary depending on the material, so analyze your needs and choose wisely before making any purchase.


The material of waterproof sneakers must always be breathable. This helps the sole and inner part dry faster. You cannot afford to have wet feet for a long time as it leads to blisters, bacteria, and the production of other microorganisms. Also, your feet will invariably stink unbearably and be a little embarrassing in a group setting.

Before buying them, you should also know that for better endurance your designer sneakers’ weight should remain the same as when dry. That way you will not find it difficult walking, climbing, or running around with weighted, wet shoes.

Support and Grip

The worst part about wet surfaces is that you can slip at any moment unless your shoe grip is strong enough to keep your body steady. Waterproof sneakers are notably known for traction as they have unique rubber tracks on the sole. Depending on the physical activity, adventure sport you plan to undertake, choose the biggest support system of your adventure, choose Waterproof sneakers over fashion footwear. If you are going hiking you’ll need a stronger support than when going on a casual weekend fishing trip beside the local lake. No matter what the activity, you should buy high-quality waterproof sneakers, galoshes, or overshoes to stay dry.

Final Words

Low tops sneakers are no less a fashion footwear statement for adventurous trendsetters and fashionistas. These shoes are undoubtedly expensive but worth every penny. Once you buy them, you will get to wear them on many trips. No matter what you decide, please keep all the features mentioned above in mind and select the material, design, and comfort level depending on where you want to wear them, and for how long. Happy trailblazing.



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